As a little girl I lived at the Hidden Valley Ranch in Templeton, CA., where my dad was the ranch foreman. At that time we mainly had Australian Shepherds and a couple of mixed breed cattle dogs. Being the eldest of five children I had more responsibilities than my younger siblings. My daily chores included feeding and caring for the ranch dogs, as well as feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs, and milking our Jersey cow, Betsy. 

It wasn't until after our move from Hidden Valley into town, that I met a yellow Labrador. Every morning on my my mile long walk to school, that yellow Labrador would always greet me with a tail wag and the most gentle demeanor. We began to establish a rapport. Every morning on my way to school, I brought him a little treat to begin his day. He thanked me with a kiss, then returned to his step. I often wondered if this sweet boy's family knew that he and I were best friends...

Fast forwarding to Junior High, he was aging, not moving as easily as he did when he was younger. Some days he would just lay on his step and wouldn't come say hi as I passed by. I knew the inevitable was fast approaching. One morning he wasn't there. Heart broken, I knew that he left and was in a greater place. I have always loved dogs, no matter the size, but this yellow boy touched my heart. Little did I know that one day I would own a Labrador of my own.

Being a young mom in my twenties, I bought a Cocker Spaniel, and then a Brittany a year later. After I lost both of them, I bought a Lhasa Apso, who was the meanest dog I've ever owned. I returned him to his previous family who, thankfully, understood and took him back. Not being discouraged, my next dog was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She was an interesting dog, but not my type. I re-homed her with a woman who lived on a ranch. After that experience, I decided to take a break from having pets.

Tricia and Jett - January 2015

Many years later I met Kevin. As our relationship developed, he expressed an interest in getting a Labrador. So I went to work and found a local breeder, Road Dog Kennels. They referred me to a family who had just had a litter of yellows - just the color Kevin wanted. I visited and decided to place a deposit. Looking back now, it seems like fate that I was reintroduced to the Labrador breed. At eight weeks of age, I picked up our new yellow Labrador puppy, Hank. I was in love all over again! Soon after we found another local breeder, and purchased our sweet Annie - Lil Orphan Annie II. Over the next few years, Hank and Annie grew, and I knew just what my life would entail - a house full of Labradors.

In 2013, we purchased Tyson, our Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. He has been such an awesome dog, and we can't wait for our first litter of Aussies. Later in the year, we got our first Beagle, a 15 inch Tri-color named Sig. In November of 2014 we got Flica, another 15 inch tri, and a month later in October 2014, we bought Miles, yet another 15 inch tri.

In April 2015 we had our first litter of Beagles, and from that litter we got Lime and Thyme.

Tricia and Flica - September 2015

I started Seifert Labradors in 2002 with our first litter of Labradors from Annie. Now, in 2015, this is our thirteenth year of breeding the best dogs ever.