Our Labrador puppies are handled on a daily basis from the very moment they enter our world by ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren; giving them an early start to human interaction making them comfortable with both adults and children.

We provide our puppies with socialization skills to enhance their demeanor making them an pleasure to own.

Our puppies remain with us until they are 8 weeks old to insure they get the complete "litter mate socialization", a necessity in a dogs life.

We socialize our Chocolate and Yellow Lab puppies to environmental elements such as dirt, grass, rocks, snow and rain when available; and they will be leash
started by the time they are ready to join you. Our puppies are also socialized to cats and dogs too!

  ~Puppy Kindergarten~

We are pleased to now offer a 4 week intro to puppy kindergarten for our families - who wish to have their puppy's training started by us.

Our training consists of positive reinforced training leash training, crate training, house training, sit, off, and leave it commands. Keeping in mind our training is done in short productive segments..after all we are dealing with a puppy and a short attention spam.

Early introduction to obedience training can prove beneficial to families with young children or elderly family members.

As we set the ground work to successfully introduce your puppy to early should no stop there.