Health and Nutrition

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Here at Jackpot Farms, all of our dogs are given a daily NuVet Plus tablet. You can order your own here.

We highly recommend this product, and we feel that our dogs are in optimal health and coat, which shows in the ring, and in everyday life.

All of our puppies are started out on Eukanuba puppy food. We continue to feed them strictly Eukanuba puppy until they are six months old, and then begin to incorporate Purina ProPlan 30/20 Sport. They are fed a half and half mixture of the 30/20 and the Eukanuba puppy until they are a year old, when we transition them onto just the 30/20 Sport.

We also recommend Nature's Farmacy "ProBiotic Max" as an added supplement to help their digestive health. All of our dogs are given this when they are on the road for shows or just travel in general. It can be ordered here.